• http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y6RMNFQQNIWYDM326PQCRZMSQI David W

     I vote SNP now because the Labour Party is right-wing and didn’t seem to respect Britain’s freedoms and civil liberties. But until now I never thought they would have been involved in something like this.

    Now I’m reading that the UK arranged for a pregnant woman to be tapped up and shipped off to torture chambers in Gaddafi’s Libya along with her husband?!?!?!

    MI6 should not have done this but I don’t believe they would have done it without it being sanctioned by the very highest levels of government. I think there must have been major arse covering going on and everyone passing the buck up until the approval came from the very top! Seriously, who in Britain would want to be the one okaying this without the approval of their boss?

    Now my worry is that these horrendous crimes will be covered up. The UK won’t be able to move on until ALL the facts come out and those responsible are held to account. Ken Clark is talking about giving government ministers the right to order that a trial is held in secret, I believe it is cases like these that he wants to hide from the public.

    When David Blunkett and the Labour Party in government stripped us of civil liberty after civil liberty they constantly told us that ‘if we had nothing to hide then we had nothing to fear’.  So lets not have secret trials, lets have EVERYTHING about this out in the open, after all, what have they got to hide?

    I don’t honestly know for sure if Jack Straw did what they’re saying he did, but it looks that way from where I’m sitting and we MUST be allowed to find out the truth.

    • LesAbbey

      …we MUST be allowed to find out the truth.

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Anonymous

      I think we all knew it was happening, after all you do not make Million in America for just going to war

  • LesAbbey

    The Independent  is running a story today that MI5 coerced Libyan refugees to work for Gaddafi’s security agencies in 2006 using the threat of  being sent back to Libya. The idea was they would report to Libya on Gaddafi’s exiled opponents. That puts as Home Secretary either Charles Clarke or John Reid, or both in the frame. I wonder if they will have the same memory problems as Blair and Straw.

  • Richard Mackinnon

    What will it take for those who still support Labour to say ’not in my name’.