They still don’t get it.

He gets it!

“They still don’t get it.” I don’t even know who the phrase belongs to now. Cameron and Miliband throw it at each other in parliament, but if there is one group that still doesn’t get it, it has to be our political class. Let’s take two of today’s morning papers, the Telegraph and the Sun. In the first we have an interview with London actor Larry Lamb and in the second we have Yvette Cooper trying to outflank the Tories to the right on crime.

(I hate to talk about principles and the Labour leadership, but should Cooper really be supporting the Sun? I guess the argument is that if she didn’t then Labour misses out their readership, but I don’t really buy this. Maybe a very public stand against writing or being interviewed by a paper sinking in cesspool of corruption will make Sun readers think twice about their regular source of news.)

Let’s start with Cooper. She thinks she gets it. She thinks she knows why the public turned their backs on Labour in the last election. Let’s listen to her.

“I know many readers were fed up with Labour by the last election. They felt we weren’t doing enough to stand up for those who played by the rules.”

“We’ve heard the message loud and clear. We know we have to work hard to win back their support.”

Now let’s listen to Larry Lamb. He knows he got it.

The people we’ve elected as politicians aren’t doing their job, simple as that. But they’re so deeply involved in the moneymaking machine, why would they rap the hand that feeds them, so to speak?

We’ve got a PM that’s a public relations man, but no one who has the balls to say: “The buck stops here. We’re going to stop you [the banks] abusing your powers, we’re going to rein in your bonuses and to hell if you use threats to go elsewhere.”

If more Western countries that are in the same sinking financial boat did the same thing, then these threats would be meaningless. The book by Andrew Ross Sorkin, Too Big to Fail, shows an incredible insight into this mess.

Our current British politicians are insulting our intelligence – they’re career politicians, rather than being driven to enact progressive change. Even though my career has flourished over the past five years, I just want to survive, and I’m worried about the bigger picture for this country.

I haven’t read the Andrew Ross Sorkin book so I can’t tell you if it’s that good though.


  • Anonymous

    New labour  did one thing which was great it killed off the idea that politicians are in it for the people, not them selves.My MP came around to speak to use, told us labour is the party of the hard pressed middle class, I said not many of them around here, she said all of you are  now middle class, I just closed the door, what’s the use of arguing with people  who get £68,000 a year and expenses to buy their food.I cannot for the life of me get interested in politics anymore , they should say once you reach retirement you should not be allowed to vote because you can by then see the bull shit.

    • LesAbbey

       The interesting bit treborc is what Cooper says.

      “I know many readers were fed up with Labour by the last election.
      They felt we weren’t doing enough to stand up for those who played by
      the rules.”

      I didn’t hear that at all from anyone before the election. That there was revulsion about sleaze there can be no doubt. I think Larry Lamb has his finger on the public pulse far better than Cooper who is being touted as the next Labour leader.

      So the question is, does she really believe what she is saying, or is it in hope that if she ignores the real reaction from the public long enough it will go away.

      • Anonymous

        The question is of course who’s rules.

        • Anonymous

           Well, Ed Milliband seems to believe in one set of rules for Labour types, another for everyone else. I loved his press conference where be decried rich people who used perfectly legal tax avoidance to reduce their tax bills, then when asked about Ken Livingstone who used the same tricks on his £755k income to pay 20% tax on it, Milliband said it was fine as Ken’s dodges were ‘perfectly legal’.

  • Anonymous

    More Murdoch and morals. Yawn!

    Anything else to say? Are you a one club golfer?

    Interesting that Larry Lamb supposedly gets it about the banks when the FSA report on the HBOS collapse shows that it wasn’t bankers bonuses, casino trading or complex derivatives that brought it down, but classic over-lending in the property sector (where there aren’t big bonuses).

    Same with Northern Rock, same with Bradford and Bingley, same with Dunfermline BS; and RBS fell over because it overpaid for a dodgy foreign bank. Lloyds had to be bailed out because of the hidden debts from HBOS after its shotgun wedding to HBOS foisted on it by Darling and Brown to save Scottish jobs. It would have survived like Barclays and HSBC without a taxpayer bailout otherwise.

    Bankers bonuses are irrelevant. Trading on their own account was irrelevant. The proposed solutions from the left are to restrict bonuses and split up the retail and investment banking. Well given that it was the retail banking that brought down HBOS, NR, B&B and Dunfermline I suppose spliting them might defend the good investment banks (with their high frequency trading, derivatives and huge bonuses) from the risky high street retail banking but that isn’t how its being presented is it?

    Apart from rectifying Brown’s terrible tripartite regulation the major reform banks needed is an insurance premium to be paid to the government to insure against the costs of future bailouts, similar to the premiums paid for the deposit guarantee system. And you know, the Bank Levy the government introduced is just that, and is priced roughly correctly too.

    All the banking crisis proved is that no financial organisation should be based north of Birmingham.

    • LesAbbey

      I will see if I can fit in a request for you young lady.

      • Anonymous

        Oh the ego. You want to think that someone who has been commenting on this site for over 5 years is stalking little old you. Seems odd to complain if someone comments on posts your yourself put up for comment.

        And it isn’t a very clever response. Anything more current than a 40 year old film, or are your cultural references also stuck in the past?

  • LesAbbey

    Interesting piece by Stephen Glover in the Independent. Also my mistake in thinking that Cooper’s piece was in the Monday Sun.

    Yesterday’s Sun ran a prominent piece by Yvette Cooper, shadow Home
    Secretary, attacking the Coalition’s record on crime. I doubt such an
    article would have appeared in the Monday to Saturday Sun, which is
    unremittingly pro-Cameron. Might Rupert Murdoch be using the Sunday Sun
    as a fifth column to get back at the Prime Minister, whom he blames for
    the Leveson Inquiry?

    • Anonymous

      Murdock is being hammered for being to powerful it took a long time, but lets wait to see which labour leader ends up with secret meetings at the Murdock empire

      • LesAbbey

         I’m sure it’s already going on. I suspect at least part of the Blair/Ed Miliband meetings have been Tone lobbying for his mate Rupert.

  • ITV player

    No party can be successful forever. There is always something that gets on their way.

    • Anonymous

       yep they are called voters

  • Whenknew

    First of all i do get it.

    I find it hard to debate or differentiate between the mixed middle of our political decline.

    I see the cuts, i see our people decline in work and our people suffer in many cuts in benefits and services.

    Which are needed for our people to survive our nation.

    What i do ask you, as a party.

    Is that, if we dont fall back under that shadow of Iraq and other really expensive wars, and fall into the american banking system.

    As we have.

    Now as the EU declines, we are now back into that.

    I ask you.

    Do you think we are stupid?

    Will you defend out people, our old and vunerable..

    Remember this election is not about knocking on doors, this next elextion will be about the INTERNET.

  • Whenknew

    Ill see your true colours when they vote to a division on this.. if you do…

    If not.

    Then im afraid you will not be trusted.

    We have for over 14 years had major added protection of the internet.

    What utter rubbish that parents allow children to watch porn media.

    We have had freedoms that we spoke as of right now.

    I have watched riots from aboard and in other nations and have also disagred.

    Either you block this.

    Or you Labour will be faced with the same problem as the coalition.

    It is not a threat, it is realistic.

    A sick man will go harm children, always, its them who we need to lock up.

    We can find them, together.

    Find them locate them, its easy to do.

    Dont punish the rest of us adults for being innocent on the internet.