Should Mulcaire be offered immunity?

Let him turn Queen's evidence?

The Leveson inquiry is in part two of its three parts and now is looking at the corruption of public officials by the press, and this time it seems mainly by Sun journalists. The suspicion has to be that the Metropolitan Police Service was being corrupted by its links, financial and otherwise, to News International. That leaves us in the unfortunate situation of Met investigating itself, which can hardly be reassuring no matter how good a job Sue Akers, an Assistant Commissioner of the Met, is doing.

One of the many mistakes made in the last police inquiry was not to look for who gave the orders and benefited from the crime. Mulcaire and Goodman served their sentences and continued to be financed by News International. Mulcaire is now looking down the barrel of a possibly far longer stay inside and must feel that he’s already done his time and it should now be the turn of someone else. As it seems like an awful lot of the phone hacking went through Mulcaire, shouldn’t he be given the chance of immunity in return for full disclosure of the involvement of News International and its journalists.

I don’t know how this works although I suspect that Akers needs to bring in the Crown Prosecution Service. If Mulcaire is ready to spill the beans the same offer can be made to the implicated journalists and so on, until the top people of this criminal conspiracy are bought to justice.

Statements by Gove attacking the Leveson inquiry and by Boris Johnson attacking police resources being spent on their inquiry, suggest that senior levels of the Conservative party would be happy for it to go away. Can we really trust the Home Secretary, Theresa May, not to lean on the Met? Much of Britain’s tabloid press is also under fire so the public and those broadsheets that have shown they are willing to expose the wrongdoing should be on their guard.

  • swatantra

    The fact is Levenson is becoming a costly exercise; and that is it : its an exercise.I doubt if little will come of it. We need a free Press not a constrained Press to uncover the two faced nature of some of our celebs and politicians out there who say one thing and do another. I have little sympathy with the likes of Prezza or Giggs or Simon Hughes or Jude or Moseley or Sienna.
    So Mulcaire probably did us all a favour by exposing the sham.
    Having said that, I am not one for saying: you ‘ve served your time for doing the crime, so its ok. Well its not ok. Things don’t ever go back to what they were before. That albatross will always be around your neck , and should be, and don’t you forget it.
    So its important to keep those sanctions in place for erring journalists so they don’t stray. So no immunity for Mulcaire.

  • Anonymous

    I really do not give a shit actually, this is a show and to be honest those lawyer and the solicitors and the judge  himself will make a fortune out of it, the fact is I go into the news agent and the one news paper which is sold out each day is the Sun, the one which is never sold out is the mirror, so what the secret the Mirror needs to make sure it has bigger tits on pace Three,  perhaps the MUFC team, or Ed Miliband smilling.

  • Anonymous

    James has gone all is well.

    • LesAbbey

       I suspect that he no longer wants to visit Britain as he is the next one in line to get pulled by the Met. There’s nobody else left between him and those already arrested.

      Then again there’s nobody between him and Rupert. Can we extradite his dad from Salmond’s Scotland I wonder? May be easier than getting James out of the US.

      • swatantra

        About time the Empire was broken up and Sky News stood alone away from the other interests of BSKYB.
        Whatever people say about NI, Sky News and Fox are good  strong and punchy, and should not be dragged down along with the rest of NI.
        If James concentrates on the visual media interests of the company, who will pick up its newspaper interests, or will they be allowed to go to the wall, and journalist thrown out of jobs.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Statements by Gove attacking the Leveson inquiry and by Boris Johnson attacking police resources being spent on their inquiry, suggest that senior levels of the Conservative party would be happy for it to go away. ’
    Think you mean the Labour party would be happy for it to go away.
    This all happened under a Labour government that chose (for reasons we will hopefully find out),to repeatedly ignore the issue of phone hacking,despite having their own place-man as head of the Met. 

    Nothing of course to do with the incestuous relationship between New Labour and the Murdoch empire.   

    • LesAbbey

       John, I’m quite sure there are some in Labour who would happily see Leveson’s inquiry come to a rapid end. it wouldn’t surprise me at all if during the recently discovered meetings between Blair and Ed Miliband, Blair took the opportunity to lobby on behalf Rupert Murdoch. After all Blair has form on doing this, as with his lobbying of Gordon Brown to shut up Tom Watson.

      Still Cameron’s problem is one well known in office life. the last  person to leave a company gets the blame for everything that goes wrong for at least the next six months. Cameron’s relationship with Coulson and Brooks is going to lead the headlines when Leveson gets around to to looking at the politicians. Promises made to the Murdoch’s over the BSkyB takeover will probably become known. Compared to this, Blair just becomes an ex-prime minister from past history.

      Cameron by agreeing  to set up the Leveson inquiry was just putting the immediate problem of Coulson to back of the stove. He may well wish he had bitten the bullet at the time rather than what’s likely to come, unless they can find some way of neutering Leveson.

  • Davideeinkl

    Possibly, the really worrying thing about this is the corrupt police who took payments, we need to get the information to root out the corrupt members of the police force. That should be top priority. How else can the public trust the police?