It’s the cover up that gets them

Mafia Don and his Moll?

In the court papers of the Charlotte Church case against News International (NI) we now have proof that senior NI executives decided that emails should be deleted in order not to be used against them in court. To their shame NI put Church’s mother under pressure in order to force Charlotte to settle out of court. It seems more like the attitude to justice one would expect from the mafia. Hang on. Didn’t someone already suggest that connection.

Hard to see now how the police can do anything other follow a case of perverting the course of justice against the Murdochs.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the way these cowboy have run their business for many years.

    As for  getting rid of evidence labour has it own problems with Tony Blair rushing off to court to get his evidence shredded, if it’s OK for the leader of a country to hide evidence you cannot then moan about the Murdock’s can you especially when your god father to the kids.

    Business and politics intertwined

    • LesAbbey

      Interesting that Cherie has gone to court now. I guess she smells a few pounds.

  • Streaming serie

    What if ACTA comes along? Then they won’t need to to delete their mails, as everybody will be able to read them before this action.