Being nice to a Tory

David Ruffley - Tory MP

Having just been rather rude about the appearance of a Tory minister below I think I will now be nice to a Tory MP.

David Ruffley has an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph where he looks at why we haven’t come to terms with the bankers and the catastrophe they produced. He even looks at the question of whether any of our bankers and regulators should have faced criminal proceedings and although he doesn’t come up with the same answer as me at least he is prepared to talk about it.

Well worth reading, you can find it here. I do wish some Labour MPs would not leave this matter to rest and demand an inquiry similar to what the Americans had, even if it means grilling Darling who spent more government money in a few days than any other British minister ever I suspect.

  • Anonymous

    I think comparing the Tories and Labour these days is difficult for the simple reason they all come from the same book, rich, university trained morons.

    Bankers are now the life blood of this country it’s all we have, it’s all many countries have, gone are the days in which we had  lefties fighting righties now we have two parties who would all love to be bankers or is that spelled with a W.

    • Swatantra

      People get the wrong idea about MPs, its about time that we insisted that every MP did have a University quaification just like we expect teachers to have a degree and more Police to have a higher standard of Education. ‘You don’t get far in life without qualifications these days mate’ . And that is true of MPs, School Governors and trustees and Board Directors.
      We don’t want a bunch of amateurs any more, just giving the nod, like they did in the olden days. We want highly trained professionals who are accountable and responsible, who’ve done their training and apprenticeships; in Germany apprenticeships can last up to 5 years. Bring back the Guilds and Mastercraftsmen/women. and The Unions should be insisting on trained personnel, starting in their own backyard, and insisting bosses give them time off to study at Oxbridge. That way we’ll get a better skilled workforce.
      Another great article Les. I’ve said this before Darling should be interim Lader of the Party having a lot more clout and nous than the present incumbent.  

      • Anonymous

        Well lets see Swat, mate, it was a bloke who went to night school who gave us the NHS and he worked with my wife’s father in the same pit, when my wife was born he came to her house , and got her a doctor, she was born spina bifida in the free miners hospital in the Rhonda. He did not do to bad, then you had that highly educated moron Blair, Brown who left us in this mess mate. If you ask me all these people have had degree in how to mess up yet make a fortune.

        Think I will stick with Nye Bevan, if you look at Miliband both of them, Cameron Osborne Darling Balls Clegg, if you rolled the lot into one person they come out on the idiot equation as morons.

      • LesAbbey

         Swatantra if we judged the university educated professional  politicians on their results we would have to say they aren’t very good. They have managed to lead us into the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. On top of that they have also managed to produce more sleaze than John Major’s government and that really is saying something.

        • Anonymous

          John Major, that last PM who didn’t go to university, left an economy in rude health with falling debt.

          Gordon Brown Phd when told of it by Treasury officials said “Do you want me to write them a f***ing thank you letter” and thinking his university smarts made him cleverer proceeded to royally messing things up.

          I think there is a lesson somewhere.

          • Swatantra

            People seem to have forgotten Black Wednesday and interest rates f 16% under Major’s leadership.
            But I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that ‘boom and bust’ is one of Natures natural cycles rather like The Water Cycle or The Carbon Cycle; you can’t abolish it t a stroke; it won’t go away.  So Brown was wrong on that bit.
            There will always be periods of adversity and belt tightening, but once you get through that rough period, you then enjoy the fruits of prudence, until the next time.

  • Anonymous

    I agree we need to have an open public inquiry in what happened and what went wrong.

    Labour’s problem is that they don’t want to admit they messed up the banking regulation in 1997 and then did nothing because the taxes on the bubble profits from the banks allowed the ramping up of public spending (where the criticism that Labour spent too much comes from).

    The lax regulation that EdM has apologised for is therefore directly linked to the deficit overspending (which he hasn’t). A genuine inquiry would reveal this. That would be painful for Milliband and Balls but in the long run better for Labour. Until they admit to overspending in the boom they won’t regain wider economic credibility.

    Given Brown’s evasions at the Chilcot enquiry I think he’d rather hate having to spend days accounting for his actions. Balls would be forced to admit failures. Ed Milliband might be called too which would be embarrassing for him.

    I’m still convinced sunshine is the best disinfectant, for bankers and for regulators but it won’t be in the Labour leadership’s interests.