What a wheeze?

‘Let’s shoot the strikers in front of their children.’ How could we fail to laugh at Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear humour? We will still be chuckling to ourselves when they sit down for Christmas dinner at Rebekah and Charlie Brooks’s house. There alongside David and Samantha Cameron, and Matthew Freud and Elizabeth Murdoch, will be Jeremy and either his wife or his ex-wife depending on who he is having sex with at that particular time. And they will all say ‘What a splendid wheeze Jeremy, just what we would expect from a public school chap, even if it was a fairly minor one.’

What I don’t understand is that this piece of shit calls himself a presenter and writer. If he is a writer why did he get Danny Baker to ghost write a book for him? Just wondering.

  • Anonymous

    He’s an idiot, many people of course will disagree with him just as many will agree with him, the BBC will not sack him that’s for sure to many people watch him.

    In the end it would have just as good to ignore the pratt.

    • LesAbbey

      I don’t think ignoring the pratt is the answer. We give power to the Cameronian answer of ‘Jeremy just being silly’ if we do that. I suspect that many on the Tory backbenches think he is hilarious as well as some of those in the cabinet. Let’s take the opportunity of exposing their Nick Griffin like views to daylight.

      • Anonymous

        I think people on the left have more important things to worry about, a labour party which we are told purged the Blair-ites seems to be moving back to the right with his ideal of kicking the sh*t out of the poorest in society, have you read this great article which seems to have got the Left having wet dreams.


        Even after the deficit is reduced, the state will still be spending some £700bn a year. That’s less in
        real terms than before the Crash but still a very significant proportion of the UK’s GDP. It means the
        state can still do much to promote equality and social justice but it will also mean facing up to big
        strategic choices about how to use existing expenditure. As such, given the flat-lining economy, the
        hit to living standards and the need to identify new sources of potential growth, Labour’s criteria for
        spending choices should be based on a simple question: will a spending option directly boost short
        and long-term growth and create jobs? This may mean very constrained funding for healthcare,
        pensions and welfare for the foreseeable future. It’s tough, but the alternative is ducking the genuine
        decisions nearly every government of an
        advanced economy currently faces

        Welfare is dead long live what?

  • http://thepeoplesflag.blogspot.com/ Andy Williams

    I tell you something about the strikes. In North Wales Plaid Cymru marched with the strikers not as individuals but as Plaid Cymru. They gave out leaflets, made speeches.

    Where was Labour? Nowhere to be seen.

    What message do you think that gave the strikers?

    • LesAbbey

      What message do you think that gave the strikers?

      Not a good one Andy. It seems in Scotland the opposite happened with the SNP nowhere to be seen and Labour MEPs not crossing the picket lines.

      • Anonymous

        Not many in Scotland to cross picket lines, in Wales Plaid lost to many good people like Mary Helen Jones because it was in coalition with labour and ended up being seen as more Labour then plaid.

        I marched well wheeled myself down to the to the town hall it was disappointing turn out, then after popping into Tesco I saw a number of teachers who I know shopping with the kids, you can see how hard they feel about their pension.

  • http://profiles.google.com/davideeinkl David Awallace

    I think News International are against any strikers no matter what their issues are so I’d expect Labour to be against the strikes no matter what really.

    Labour also like to kiss Murdoch’s ass, apparently, their ex-leader was at Murdoch’s son’s baptism dressed in white at the banks of the river Jordan where John the Baptist is said to have baptised Jesus. It certain fits…

    • Anonymous

      Lucky then the Tories are good and fair and would never have dinners with them or go on holidays with them, fact is all politician parties have cosied up to the power people be they media to banking.

      • http://profiles.google.com/davideeinkl David Awallace

        And this makes Labour any less vile how?

        I’d say it makes them more vile, because a party that claims to be social democratic shouldn’t be putting the bankers first. At least the Tories are honest about where their loyalties are.

        But like you say, they’re all the same. Which of course makes voting for any of them a complete and utter waste of time and an endorsement of a corrupt system.

  • Anonymous

    OK. So where was the condemnation of Ken Livingstone when he said we should hang a banker a week? Morally exactly the same, yet Unison still give to his mayoral campaign. Where is the moral outrage? Bankers are people too. It is exactly them same. If Clarkson saying we should shoot public sector workers rases the risk some idiot might actually hurt someone, then Livingstone saying bankers should be killed does the same to innocent bank staff. Either both are wrong or neither are.

    Oh I forgot, Public sector trade unionists are ‘our’ people whilst bankers aren’t, so it doesn’t matter. We can say and do anything we like against them because our hearts are pure. Hypocrites!

    The reaction shows how polarised we are as a country. Those on the left up in arms, unable to take a joke, those in the private sector seeing yet again a double standard. Public sector works are a special case for pensions, and should be made a special case for protection from jokes. Really? There is no law to stop anyone saying they think lawyers should be shot, so why not dinner ladies?

    Another thing, going on about how these are women in the public sector is pissing off men. And is bloody sexist too.

    • Anonymous

      Well the left tend not to bother of course some of the Union fell for the trap, if nobody has said anything just well come on it’s Clarkson you know what he’s like it would not have got two weeks worth of media coverage which has lifted him up the media ratings.

      The left as far as I understand are not interested in him the Union which are shouting and screaming cannot really be called left any more, it the middle class teachers Nurses.

      I really could not give a toss about this nutter, I’m going through my New medical checks at the moment which could see me and my family without benefits.. Or with less benefits at a time or rising costs….

    • http://thepeoplesflag.blogspot.com/ Andy Williams

      Personally I can’t see what the fuss is about. If Huw Edwards had said it or Trevor McDonald or the Archbishop of Canterbury then yes fair enough kick up a rumpus. But Clarkson said exactly what you would expect Clarkson to say.

  • TCD

    I’d hope to suggest this was a particularly impulsive entrant into a catalogue of commentary which I have thus far enjoyed engaging with. I’d criticise its Labour Home-worthiness on three counts. Firstly, what he actually said was minimally controversial, if taken in the context of his earlier comments of ‘praise’ for the strikes in the same interview, and was qualified as a joke to provide balance for the BBC. While perhaps tasteless and definitely just not funny, it’s not particularly offensive, especially when considered alongside some of his other classic submissions into the annals of xenophobia, sexism and stupidity. Secondly, this is how Clarkson peddles his wares and sells terrible books, the predictability of him saying outrageous things in the run up to Christmas deserves our deepest cynicism, and our determined ignorance of all his utterances and activities will help him to disappear. Thirdly, the overlap of the remit of this website with any attempts at Clarkson-watch seems a bit tenuous, and all the other bollocks about the Murdochs and Danny Baker didn’t really change that.

  • Syg21

    Stewart Lee used to be funny when I was about 16 years old. I was young and impressionable, voted Nu Labour at 21 also. Stewart Lee is crap.