• treborc

    I’ve had six major operations on my spine, three were carried out by private hospitals paid for by the NHS because New labour allowed private hospital into the NHS, the three I had under the NHS I actually had MRSA three times, so for me the private hospital did better then the NHS.

    • LesAbbey

      Problem is we let them destroy the reason for the NHS’s existance 30 years ago. The minute they bought the ‘targets’ and ‘efficiency’ mantra into the system it was no longer there to help sick people. The Blair/Brown years never got it back to basics.

      Instead we formed larger administrator-led operations where financial efficiency was the be all. No wonder they contract things like cleaning out to lowest bidder and bill the government for unneeded tests worse than any private operation.

      Give people a target and they will find a way to cheat. This is what the followers of crazies like John Nash and Ayn Rand couldn’t understand. That Maggie let them lose on the NHS and our economy we will pay for a long time.

      The only efficiency the NHS needs is how best to get sick people better quicker.