I used to love you, but it’s all over now.

It's all over now

Just a couple of years ago Cameron and Clegg defeated, quite rightly, the then government over the Gurkha right to settle in the UK issue. Phil Woolas, the Mr. Nasty of New Labour, made a complete cock-up of the issue. It ended up with the government’s only friend on the issue being the BNP, and managed to give a boost to Joanna Lumley’s career as well as Cameron’s and Clegg’s.

It now seems that Cameron and Clegg have fallen out of love with the Gurkhas. Complaining that for some reason Gurkhas do not volunteer for redundancy, it seems that Liam Fox’s MOD is going to be making 140 of them compulsory redundant. Just a quick note to Liam Fox on the lack of volunteers amongst these well known volunteers. Maybe it’s because there isn’t much of a safety net back there in Nepal and maybe they won’t have the years in to get UK residency, or maybe they just like having a job.

Note: If the Independent is correct the Brigade of Gurkhas will have 35% of the compulsory redundancies while only having 3% of the army’s manpower. Where are you now Joanna? Can’t hear anything from the two Cs either.

  • swatantra

    Snuffed out the career of Woolas, so he must be chuckling at the debacle.
    The losers are the Gurkhas who put their lives and livihoods in the hands of the untrustworthy British.

  • Anonymous

    Lot of British lads will also lose out, it’s time for the Ghurkha’s to look hard at fighing for the UK…