Being behind the curve

You're behind the curve Ed

‘Behind the curve’. It really sounds like a phrase that should have come out of American baseball. You know, as in ‘behind the curve ball’. Apparently it has nothing to do with baseball. Shame. What is also a shame is that Ed Miliband and the leadership seem to be consistently behind the curve.

Now there was a time when Labour leaders would claim, sometimes even truthfully, that they were ahead of the curve in that they were more radical than the electorate. Ed Miliband’s people claim he was ahead of the curve and Cameron behind over the Murdoch phone hacking scandal and he has done well because of that. Sounds good unless we look a bit closer. A week before Ed had his ‘road to Damascus’ moment over Murdoch, his press secretary Tom Baldwin was telling all the shadow cabinet not to link BSkyB to the phone hacking as it would upset the old man.

Let’s look at a quote from today’s Guardian of something that happened during Ed’s speach at conference.

He was also startled when part of the audience cheered when he told them he was not Tony Blair, a reaction that left some former cabinet members despairing.

You were startled Ed because you and the Blairite ex-ministers are behind the curve. Not only the conference party members, but the public in general are disgusted by Blair’s money-grubbing and dishonesty. They don’t think too much of the likes of Hazel Blears and Jacqui Smith either.

So Ed why not get in front of the curve for while? Go on, give it a try. You can always revert if it’s not working. You don’t need to stand up and praise Thatcher and Blair in a Labour conference to gain support of the middle-classes. When you praise Thatcher for selling council houses the majority in Britain would probably agree that the real problem was that she didn’t replace the houses sold in the social housing stock. See Ed the council house building bought in after war was to stop slum landlords regaining their pre-war position. Many people, including those that bought their council houses remember that.

It was good to see you are prepared to use the corporate tax system and government contracts to reward and punish companies that carry out, or not, Labour policies. There will not be much public argument against that except from the likes of the CBI and the City. Up the ante. Let’s get a bit more social engineering into this part of the tax system. Let’s have the salary ratio between senior management and the lowest paid in the company set as well.

Another thing. There’s no need to stroke the red-tops by equating ‘benefit scroungers’ with ‘casino bankers’. The public knows who lost all the money and who pushed us into recession, and it didn’t happen down at the benefits office. Send those young bag carriers out of London to talk with real people. They don’t have to go too far. Get them down to Gravesend or Dagenham and see if you guys can catch up with the curve because it’s moving faster than you.

  • Anonymous

    Just been banned from Labour list for this bit:

    This morning on BBC breakfast show Ed Miliband stated this.

    ” welfare must change due to the Banking crises:

    So the people who live in areas like mine which has sod all jobs 28% of people out of work either getting JSA or are so called socially inactive, are now scroungers work shy, The sick the disabled well we know about them.

    So Labour main theme was hard working families, hard working people, tax payers.

    Then we should kick people out of council houses if they do not work or have a job, we should get rid of people who are anti social , and no don’t contribute something to society.

    Take a guess 10 million people living in council houses social housing or with private landlords, I live on an estate of 250 houses most are well looked after clean tidy we have two people who are drug dealers, they were put here because we had won the best kept gardens in Wales , so how many people are anti social, is anti social not having a job.

    Well Milibands attack on companies did not go down to well, because asset striping is seen as a real way of making big bucks, sadly we have seen these firm grow under labour, who did sod all. We are now expected to think the son of Blair will be different.

    I suspect in the end Miliband will hold on until after the next election of which the Tories will win hands down and labour will be back in the search for a new leader, I suspect it will be a New Ms Blair because that might show the swing voters, we have our own Thatcher, or we may go out side to get the son of Blair, the real son of Blair who’s now a banker that should go down well.

    New Labour is dead, Long live Newer Labour.

    • LesAbbey

      Of course really Cameron is the son of Blair, hence the phoned in advice for him. Blair was the true son of Maggie, at least that’s what she claimed, which she never did for Major. So whose son is Miliband? Come to think of it whose son was Brown?

      • Anonymous

        I think Maggie now looks a dam sight better after both Blair and Brown and Miliband, for me as a disabled person, off Maggie The highest ever benefit rise, plus DLA .

        Blair the lowest ever benefit rises in history of the Labour movement, wanted to stop some benefits and tell us your ok mate that bomb did not kill you now get back to work.

        I suspect they though Thatcher kept them out of power for a long time, god knows what they will turn into by the time they get in again. Liberals

  • Anonymous

    Lets be honest I have just seen Miliband telling us he’s a fighter, he tells people who have no jobs they are scroungers , he’s telling us now he did not mean, yet Miliband was the backer of Blair he once stated Blair was the greatest leader ever, then he tells people who have worked a life time your a scrounger for losing your job.

    Miliband is one of these people who came from according to him immigrants he loved to tell about his immigrant parents, but his life was not bloody hard was it. Now he’s attacking immigration..

    I am being kind here what I think of him I normally keep in my trousers and piss out of.

  • Anonymous

    Place is dead anyone alive .

  • treborc

    I’ve just been informed labour has lost 10,000 members in the last month and it’s speeding up, I think that should tell the Labour party something wrong, but of course all they will do is demand more from the Unions. but the Unions have to becareful they do not lose members as well, seems a lot of ager out their, except Miliband would not know about this being in the London Bubble

  • treborc

    Thatcher was right to control Unions, in fact Thatcher was right on lots of things, we will look at Thatcher. What Job has Miliband done to know what it’s like in the real world, what Union did he did or join in fact none, he’s not worked

    Ed we will be new we will have a different out look, but we will also look at Thatcher and new labour but with new idea a new way, we will be yes Newer New Labour.

    Council houses only people in work, then your going to have a lot of empty council houses mate, not to many BAE People will be saying well I hope to get a job, please can I have a council house I cannot afford to pay my mortgage, nope sorry your not working.

    I in all honesty I watched the whole conference people are saying The closing speech today had better be the best in Labour history to try and heal the mess made by a rich posh bloke who has nothing to offer except to look back to Thatcher and Blair.

    • swatantra

      Ed made the right noises and the audiance applauded in the right places. Altogether not a bad conference. I was there; the mood was fairly buoyant. The Party admitted it had made mistakes and it was time to move on.

      • Anonymous

        your going to have excuse my writing on here I hada blood clot in my right arm yesterday, it’s making it hard to type left handed since my speech writer packed up.

        well SWATANTRA labour may want to move on,but I
        suspect the people who matter the voters may not.

      • Anonymous

        well yes but people watching at home did not seem to think he is so great, I was sitting in my labour working mans club when they asked the bar lady to turn over who wants to listen to this tripe. And that’s the working mans club

        • swatantra

          The ‘working man’ isn’t what he used to be. Maybe they are anachronisms in this day and and age, along with old fashioned ‘socialism’. Even the Trimdon Club has closed down. Maybe they’ve moved on to the Tory camp, which would be a great pity, because they won’t get a better deal there.

          • Anonymous

            I suspect the Tory camp has enough socialist already Hutton, Blair, Field, rumour doing the rounds within labour Purnell will be offered a roll, and of course the dark angel came onto TV to offer the Tories his service, and of course the biggest Socialist of all has moved over Freud, dam I may well go over to the Tories I’d fell at home.

          • swatantra

            I’m sure you’d be more than welcome. But the rest of us loyalists will soldier on and continue the struggle to bring about a fairer society and the downfall of this wretched Coalition.

          • Anonymous

            Not me I’m already part of a socialist party it’s called Welsh labour, all we have to do now is break away from the Purple, blue, Mini Tory party of rich sounding toff’s in the English labour party

          • swatantra

            Don’t you have to be a card carrying member of the LP if you are a member of Welsh Labour. Or is that a separate Party?
            I agree, there should be some distance between Scots Welsh and NI Labour and the Westminster Mafia.

          • Anonymous

            This site is bad for writing it’s getting smaller and smaller.

            No you only need to carry your Union card, which I do.

          • Anonymous

            I’m dead squased to v bits.

          • swatantra

            thth squeezed middle

  • Anonymous

    I need to slow down because my writing is getting shocking.

  • John Reid

    Why do the public dislike Hazel Blears, she didn’t pay some tax, later she, did, Treborc, after the Leadership election of Ed, loits of people who thought laobur would go back to old labour joined, then they found out that he wasn’t going to be old laobur and left, and laobur 10% more popular than we were a year ago

    • Anonymous

      Rubbish labour nowhere near 10% or anything like this, you and your ilk listen to the silly Polls which ask the same people the same question week in week out, most are paid to press a key.

      Any party who can lose 10,000 in a month has to be doing something wrong and these are not new people these are hard line members mainly.

      As for Labour going back to the past well you know more about that they me, most of your comment are going back to the 1980′s.

      This week sadly for you Miliband had to tell us he thought Thatcher was right with Unions and the closed Shop, on balloting on spending, then he went back to tell us Blair was great which will please you, sadly the rest of us can see a Leader with nothing to add except looking backward to try and get the Swing voters who swing this way and that.

      Sadly with labour now looking old tired and drawn out with a leader who has nothing really to offer except the same ideal of the Blairites like only giving council houses to people in work, this from a Government who have placed millions on the dole.

      never mind mate one day the rose will fall.

    • swatantra

      The point is she deliberately voided paing her fair share, and she flipped her properties 3 times to take advantage.Though not illegally morally reprehensuve. Just because she paid up in the end doesn’t excuse her behaviour. Shame on her CLP for re-selecting her.

  • Anonymous

    What a job getting into the site it took ages

  • treborc

    Dear god I remeber the problem with this type of forum you end up replying in smaller and smaller boxes until you cannot read things anymore.

  • treborc

    Come on people OK you will not trust me to write, but we just had one of the worse conference in my history with a party telling us immigration was wrong, welfare was not fast enough or hard enough. We have had Harriet speaking and warning Miliband not to push Blair out of the picture, we have had new PM’s some of them agreeing with me Immigration was not wrong it was just handled bloody awful by a party that did not see social housing as a need.

    Or is this site now dead… again

    • swatantra

      I’m afraid Alex H has gone AWOL, again.
      He needs to get at least half a dozen regular contributors together, people capable of stringing 500 sentences together, or make a deal with the Morning Star, that we publish some of their articles and vice versa. They could do with the publicity and LH coud do with some searching articles to create interest and comment on.

  • swatantra

    it seems that mulcaire may have been telling the truth and didn’t delete milly dowlers calls. it still doesn’t exonerate the notw from hacking in phones though.
    the st pauls protest is entering its winter of discontent, as it is being infiltrated by drop outs from society, rough sleepers and drug users. perhaps they should call in the police to evict these intruders.
    and adair turner has brought out his report slamming gordon for not regulating the banks.
    sometimes its useful to see how events pan out a few months later.
    you sometimes wonder what all the fuss was about.